Arsenal Multi Function Scissors

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rsenal Multi Function Scissors

Five colors options

Strict selection of Japanese stainless steel

Experience in making more than 50 million scissors

100% made in Taiwan

★ Japanese stainless steel, made in Taiwan, durable, quality assurance
★ Coarse and fine-toothed blade design, no slippage when cutting
★ Detachable blade body, easy to clean
★ Enlarged non-slip handle provides greater force

It is recommended to use different colors of scissors for raw food, cooked food, and household use

Army green/milk tea/black gray blades are matte sandblasted and
dry rose/peach orange blades are polished and glossy.

The opening and closing feeling of the surface will be slightly different,
but it will not affect the functionality and cutting performance of the scissors!

Professional kitchen shears chicken bones and crab shells , corn stalks… Everything can be cut

with professional shears for home use

Selected Japanese stainless steel with high stability and durability

Cut-resistant carton opening knife design for quick and safe opening

Increased anti-shock and non-slip handle provides greater shearing force

Coarse and fine-toothed blades are sharp and non-slip

The serrated clip design makes it easy to open the shell and cover

The thread cutter design is located at the opening and closing of the handle for easy thread cutting

Powerful cutting material metal, plastic, leather, cloth, credit card…one cut into the sou

The detachable blade is easy to clean and does not breed bacteria

It is the most powerful scissors for cutting corresponding materials

The scissors safety cover is convenient to carry with you, a good helper for picnics

Japanese stainless steel, made in Taiwan, durable, quality assurance

Coarse and fine-toothed blade design, non-slip when cutting

Detachable blade, easy to clean

Enlarged non-slip handle provides greater force

Professional kitchen shears: chicken bones, crab shells, raw and cooked Meat, corn stalks, ginger slices, food packaging, bottle opening…. 

The detachable blade can be easily cleaned to avoid dirt caused by long-term use.

Professional home scissors: cardboard, tape, packing tape, leather goods, fabric, cotton thread, bamboo sticks, potted plant branches, flower stems, credit cards… 

The knife-edge unpacking design makes it easy to unpack online shopping.

Professional camping shears: camping rope, lamp core, food packaging, ingredients, pruning, bottle opening…

The attached knife case is convenient to carry and is equipped with a toothed blade to prevent slipping.

Professional industrial scissors: iron wire, tin plate, aluminum plate, copper plate/sheet, plastic plate/sheet, rubber sheet, leather goods, carton,…. 

Larger grips allow for more force.

Specification tooth notch disconnection port
Aluminum plate 0.8mm
plastic sheet 1.2mm
copper plate 0.5mm
Copper galvanized tin plate 0.4mm
rubber Board 4.0mm
leather 5.0mm
cotton nylon rope Ø10mm
copper aluminum cable Ø2.5mm
other materials Cloth, cardboard, CD,
credit card…etc.

Material: Stainless steel, PP+TPR
Overall length: 206mm
Net weight: 140g
Stainless steel Origin: 
Made in Japan

Country of Origin: Taiwan


How to use:

Do not cut heat-treated metals, metal wires, metal plates…

Storage method:
Store in a dry place

Warranty instructions:
Scissors are consumables, so they are sold without warranty.

Maintenance method:
It is not recommended to put it in the dishwasher for cleaning, avoid strong acid cleaning agents, and dry it naturally after rinsing.

Arsenal Multi Function Scissors

4 in stock