Scangrip Sunmatch 3 Detailing & Colour Match Rechargeable ALL DAYLIGHT Lamp With 500 Lumen And CRI+

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Scangrip Sunmatch 3 Detailing & Colour Match Rechargeable ALL DAYLIGHT Lamp With 500 Lumen And CRI+


Rechargeable ALL DAYLIGHT lamp with 500 lumen and CRI+
After we have coated a car with a SiO²-Coating in our detailing shop, we do have to control, whether there are any remaining high spots or shadows of the wiping process. To even see the high spots it is best to work with indirect lighting. And to be as close to the paint as possible, we use the SUNMATCH 3 handlamp with a diffuser 
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SUNMATCH 3 – Powerful rechargeable LED work light with ALL DAYLIGHT function and high CRI+

Depending on the type of job at hand, SUNMATCH 3 features an outstanding ALL DAYLIGHT function, providing you with the option to choose between 5 different colour temperatures. A spotlight for inspection is also included at the top.

The SUNMATCH 3 is supplied with a two-step operating option:

  • Step 1 = 100% light output
  • Step 2 = 50% light output

SUNMATCH 3 is always ready to use and easy to find when placed in its charging base after each job. Place the lamp anywhere you want during inspection with the turnable sturdy hook or the strong built-in magnet. The flexible lamp head tilts up to 180 degrees.

With its durable construction, the SUNMATCH 3 is both dust and waterproof, IP65. Supplied with a solvent resistant glass lens and a battery indicator at the front that shows when the battery must be recharged.

To avoid overheating the lamp, a built-in intelligent heat protection system switches to low mode (50%) after 3 minutes continuous use at high mode.

1 x SCANGRIP DIFFUSER SMALL is included in the box. The diffuser provides a soft and diffused light without harsh shadows. In addition, blinding and reflections are reduced. The diffuser can easily be mounted on top of the lens.

// Lighting solutions for the painting industry
Being the most comprehensive and sophisticated of its kind in the world, the new generation SCANGRIP lights for the painting industry are made for colour matching, detailing and general paint work and are usable everywhere a painted surface needs inspection.

// CRI+ 
With our lighting solutions for the painting industry, we’re making use of the CRI+ term defined as an average of all 15 R-values. This is the only correct definition of the CRI value to be used for accurate and reliable colour recognition.  

// The design of the SUNMATCH 3 is unique and covered by EU design patent RCD No 2373282. SUNMATCH 3 is also protected by CN design patent No ZL201530374612.2.

In the box
Lamp, charger, manual and SCANGRIP DIFFUSER SMALL
EAN number 5708997356517
Gross weight, packaging (kg) 0.49
Length, packaging (mm) 204.00
Width, packaging (mm) 89.00
Height, packaging (mm) 81.00
Operating time with max. lumen (hours) 2.00
Operating time with min. lumen (hours) 3.00

Scangrip Sunmatch 3 Detailing & Colour Match Rechargeable ALL DAYLIGHT Lamp With 500 Lumen And CRI+

1 in stock