Wiha Diagonal Cutter Professional ESD 4.1/2″ / 115mm

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Wiha Diagonal Cutter

Side cutter Professional ESD

narrow, semicircular head with a small bevel

Safe working on sensitive electronic components.

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Meets your needs
For almost flush cutting of copper wire.
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Lowers your costs
Electrostatic dissipative tools protect electronic components from destruction.
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Saves money
Catch function for wire sections protects against damage to components.
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Protects your health
Relieving work in continuous use thanks to the opening spring.
Diagonal cutter Professional ESD.

Standards: DIN ISO 9654. IEC 61340-5-1.

Head shape: Narrow, semi-circular head.

Design: Cutting edge with full flush cutter function for virtually flush cutting.
Maximum service life of cutting edge achieved through additional inductive
hardening to approx. 64 HRC.Handpaw
With opening spring. Surface resistance 106 – 109 ohms.

Material: High alloy carbon steel C 60.

Application: For virtually flush cutting of copper wire in places which are difficult to

Wiha Diagonal Cutter Professional ESD 4.1/2″ / 115mm

4 in stock